About Us

Our Family Circle


Coming from an extensive history in waste management, Our GreenLoop is the final piece of our family circle. We are not a lone company, and we believe in the power of partnership. We’re a part of a network of sibling companies including Genesis Resource Enterprise, Green Evolution Recycling, and Pacific Genesis Resources which have decades of experience and knowledge on processing and mill operations. Our GreenLoop is our clients’ connection to completing the recycled commodity lifecycle and knowing their materials are handled sustainably every step of the loop.

Our Values


With any materials, whether it be trash, recyclable, or reusable, OGL ensures that we process our clients’ waste streams accordingly to divert as much material as possible away from landfills.


At Our GreenLoop, we believe clear and consistent communication makes us all stronger. Partnering with OGL, clients avoid working with multiple parties since we have direct connections to all parts of the waste management process so they know how their waste is being processed each step of the loop. Along with transparent processing, we also offer reporting to clients so they can see the tangible data of partnering with us.


As an independent company, OGL will tailor our services to fit our clients. From new equipment installation to diverting unique waste commodities, OGL provides a variety of services so our clients can accomplish their individual goals.


We pride ourselves on being a minority and female owned enterprise. Utilizing our unique position to qualify for various diversity and sustainability initiatives, we provide our customers with tax benefits and opportunities for grants to maximize their savings.

Our Community

We are on a constant journey towards progress, not perfection. We understand that a job well done isn’t completed overnight, but with attention to detail, visibility, and of course teamwork. While servicing our customers, we also strive to learn how we can improve our waste management process to benefit their businesses in the long run. OGL remains committed to working with our customers to accomplish their goals, contribute to the global circular economy, and build a strong GreenLoop together.